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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DunderSaurus Rex

Yeah, we lost to the Ragin’ Dinos – the outcome wasn’t really in question. They are a top LIVE team and we kept it “close”. We gave them a pretty good shot and they emerged victorious. We made a couple of good plays and we made some bad plays – pretty standard stuff really. But more importantly, we had fun … they are a fun team to play. Sure they want to win and executed their strategy well but they aren’t complete d-bags about it. And that my friends is the lesson for today for all you ‘would be’ kickball champions: you can be competitive, go out there to win and want to do your best – but you don’t have to be a dick about.

Dunder has been fortunate this season to have not played any real d-bag teams / players. I had a special “Golden Douche Bag Award” printed up and ready to hand out after a game if we felt it was needed – but it’s sat in my truck all season never to be called upon … and I guess, that’s a good thing.

However, I have seen some very d-baggy behavior while reffing this season. Some of my personal pet peeves include:

  • Yelling when someone is trying to catch a pop up 
  • Running the bases and yelling at the baseman just about to catch a ball. Watch out if you do this one, Ben will call your ass out for interference. 
  • Arguing balls vs. strikes when you aren’t the pitcher, catcher or kicker 
  • Arguing foul balls when you don’t have a direct view of the line from home plate 
  • Continuing to bunt when up by 6+ runs 
  • General poor sportsmanship


Sally “She-Ra” Ford – Sally is in her first season as a member of Dunder but has been playing like a long term Dunder veteran. She's been roaring around the base paths and locking down the infield all season. To say the least, Sally's addition to Dunder has been an ideal match thus far.

Dunder tends to like girls who hold their own at the bar. Sally can outdrink most of the guys on Dunder. Dunder likes people that get on base. Sally has been tearing up the base paths and scoring all season. Dunder always appreciates someone that makes the hard catches looks easy. Sally has been scooping up or catching everything kicked her way all season. If this were junior high, Dunder would be writing Sally's name all over our Trapper Keeper. Sally came to Dunder after playing with various members of Dunder on Wendell and Lisa's Wednesday night team. We knew she'd be good, but she's broken pretty much all of the Dunder records Matt claims not to keep track of.

Robert “Dredd” Notzon – Robert is a recent addition to Dunder after several seasons of playing WAKA. Robert started out on a team in the first incarnation of Monday WAKA kickball where he was recruited to play Thursdays on Thorsday's Ballers where Ben was playing while Dunder was playing out by the airport. While on Thorsday, Robert proved consistent in getting on base against the top tier capital teams. Eventually Thorsday folded, Robert played on some thrown together Live teams and then took a few seasons off. When Dunder had an opening for another guy to join the team Robert was immediately thought of. Robert brings plus pitching, plus D, a huge on base percentage, great base running and a competitive spirit to Dunder. He's one of the older guys in the leagues and still out runs, out plays, and out thinks most other teams. Robert and his amazing family have been a great addition to Dunder end of season parties and our supporters at Dunder games. In a few short seasons, Robert's already been a Dunder All Star representative and made a great addition to Dunder's team of attorneys.

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