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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

PurpleSaurus Rex!

Not really entirely sure what happened last week, but I clearly remember starting out with a huge punch-fueled boat race culminating in the ruggedly handsome and unfailingly debonair Scotty Driskill and I playing dizzy sticks at home base and attempting to run the bases. Best contest for home field advantage I've participated in since I dominated Adam Brown in indian leg wrestling, and probably the best ever.

Unfortunately we didn't get T&B drunk enough to suck at kickball, but we did soften them up enough for Miss Darcy Lysaght to score her first ever WAKA kickball run. The first time is always a little awkward and she wasn't really sure what to do with herself afterward, but we all know it just gets better the more experience you have with scoring. Here's to more!

Lots of fireball and punch happened and there aren't a whole lot of pictures on my phone, but I did find this gem from our late-night Ego's serenade session:

Those amazing new hot pink shirts appear to be TOO attractive
Who says what happens at Ego's stays at Ego's?

This week we go toe to toe with the Signpost squad with an 8:45 kickoff, so I anticipate another big Thursday night of PurpleSaurus-infused party power. I think we have one win on our record so far, but I feel good about finding the holes tomorrow night. EH GOV'NAH? Say n'more.

Stephen & PurpleSaurus

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