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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pitches Be Trippin'

Guys!!! The curse is over!!! Adam Brown finallllyyy left Austin, so the pitches might have a chance of winning. This weekend we still celebrated our cheap, giddy, Spencer Pratt look alike ex-captain’s future this weekend.

We love you Adam Brown, except Julie is a starving grad student who would very much like that money you promised her two months ago for scrubbing, cleaning, and doing your laundry so you could get $300 for your airbnb guest each time you brag about how you got a scholarship to the blah blah best business school ever. In all sincerity, we will miss you A. Brown.

We play Peanut Butter and Leo for the SECOND time, on field three, so this might be a hoax. Where is field three? The only reason we might win is due to our new official captain Rob Corzby. He doesn’t make us cry each time we drop a ball or don’t get on base.

While we might not be good at kickball, we are adept at remembering when the league manager promised us free booze at the end of the season party because the lights when off during the first game. However, that comment might have only been stated to get Geoff Grunska out of his face.

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