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Thursday, June 4, 2015

KickInThePunt - TX Live

We FINALLY get to play! I know that KickInThePunt is ready. We have players that haven't been to the fields yet and were starting to think that kickball was just costumes at the bar. 
Some of you may have heard of our guerrilla brunch takeover on June 14th. If you haven't yet here is the deal...
We will be meeting in line at Bangers on Rainey at 11am. Once we get to the door we can best figure out how to be seated, if there are many of us we probably can't sit together but can slowly infiltrate the place. Then we eat, drink, and hop around to the neighboring bars. I say we play it by ear and see what happens. There has been slight talk about creating a theme but nothing set as of yet. 
It will be a fun time and you all (y'all is still foreign to me) should come along. 
Take this post as your official invitation. 
Here is the facebook link https://www.facebook.com/events/1444182032550668/
Hope to get wastey faceted with as many kickballers as possible.
V+E VanDyke

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