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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Kickin the Punt - TX Live

Why is Kanye sad?

 This is Kanye. He is sad. Why, you ask?
Is it because it is finally amazing outside?
No one else seems to mind, so that can’t be it.
Is it because he has no one to play with?
That can’t be it either? You have lots of buddies Kanye!
Is it because he feels someone else is after something he wants?  
Oh! The #wakabelt?
Is that it buddy? You lost your belt?
KickInThePunt will get it back for you buddy. Don’t worry. We didn’t meant to upset you.
We will try harder this time.
No, We mean it. We don’t want to disappoint you. 
We love you Kanye and we just want to make you happy.
There you go buddy, KickInThePunt will take care of you and bring back the belt to its rightful owners.

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