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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Big Games at The Park on South Lamar

Hey folks! As you may or may not know, a little thing called the NBA Finals is going on right now and people are all jazzed to watch it. One of the top spots to watch sports games? Sports bars! One of the best sports bars in town? The Park on South Lamar! This means the bar will be crowded during the game because everyone wants to be at such a fun place. It's entirely possible, in fact very likely, that there will not be open tables for you to sit at if you're arriving right at 8 or 9, but THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE BAR DOESN'T HAVE ROOM FOR YOU. The back patio is our stomping ground, and there's plenty of standing room around the bar and in the back area near the big projection screen.

Take advantage of it, and tables will open up as those blessed with lesser party genes go home for the evening and the Chosen kickballers assume their rightful dominant place as lords of the bar. It appears there was some misunderstanding of the situation and people felt like they were being "turned away" last week, that's simply not the case!

This week's bar game involves rubber band skillz, so feel free to grab a pack out of the supply closet and brush up on skills by pelting your coworkers with a hail of rubber projectiles this afternoon.

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