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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Alcaballics - TX Live

The Alcaballics are coming in hard and ready to get a win after our match up against Kickness Everdeen. Warning to all other teams, they don't fuck around. I found out why we never see them at the bar... they are in it to win it, and I don't mean the Life of the Party.  So yes, the odds were in their favor.. Damn. 

It's all good though! We are shaking it off and ready to go head to head with A Nu Start.

Still shaking my head trying to fathom how the Large Hardon Colliders got over 400 points on week 4 for Life of the Party, but I give them many props and kudos because they always go hard at The Park. We are now extreme underdogs in the 4 teams leading, but everyone loves an underdog, right?!

I hope all of you are ready to strip it and swap it for this Rubik's Cube Challenge! Its gonna be real colorful out there. 

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