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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Raging Dinos

Community Edition

April 20th 2013… Quaterfinals- Raging Dinos!! Vs. That Kick Cray

4th inning 3-2 Raging Dinos.. Tom Hallock comes up to kick..

Letting loose one of the greatest kicks ever seen in the history of kickball; a line drive dropping millimeters away from the outstretched hands of the devilishly good looking left fielder.

Scoring 2 runs and prematurely ending the season for the Dinos. 

Initially there was sadness…

Then Anger..

Then resentment...

Another kickball season ended and we went into the longest drought without Thursday kickball that any person should ever have to endure.  Going back to our normal lives, we waited for our next season to start.

But it finally it happened… Kickball starts again!

Cue the Music
Raging Dino’s return for another season WAKA kickball with a newly revamped team featuring sexy girls..(They deserve three GIFs to underline the fact)

Manly Men..

And Luis..

We’re putting the whole league on notice; we’re playing for keeps this season.

No matter whom Stephen schedule’s us against.

First up is Red Rockets. I could come out and say something like this.

Moreover, the game will be something close to this.

But it’s week 1 and we’re all excited that kickball is back so will see you on the field and the whole experience will be something closer to this.


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