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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

DunderSaurus Rex

A Brief History of Dunder    by Dr. Stephen Hawking

Many kickball teams in WAKA enjoy espousing how long they’ve been in the league, how much beer they’ve drank and how hard they partied over the years however all pale in comparison to a true veteran kickball team such as Dunder.

How long has Dunder been playing?  Let’s put it this way:  you must be 21 to play in WAKA.  If you are not at least 27 right now, Dunder has been playing longer than you’ve been allowed in the league.  If you’re 23, Dunder was playing when you were just getting your driver’s license.  If you’re 21, Dunder was playing when you were trying to talk your parents into buying you that cool Puch Moped.  So yes, Dunder has been around for a while.

Dunder has 3 people on their roster over 50, 4 people over 40, a good mix of mid 30s … and just to keep themselves youthful they have some “punk kids” in their late 20s to round out the roster.  Now you may say to yourself, dang that’s a team of old fogies … and chronologically, you’d be correct.  But upon closer inspection, you’ll find that they sure don’t act their age and they can still field a semi-competitive, semi-coherent, semi-sober team.  Their goal every season:  a 0.500 record, to hang out with friends, drink some beverages, play some kickball and have a good time.

As the season progresses, the GMOT will contain the expanded history of Dunder as weekly installments.  These write ups will also contain a summary of that week’s game, a bio or two of Dunder players and maybe even the announcement of the coveted “Golden Douche Bag Award” if someone has earned it that week.  So without further ado, here’s the first lesson.

Lesson 1:  Dunder:  The Team Name
Every season, Dunder changes the team name … however the word ‘dunder’ is always in there someplace though there has been an exception (noted below).  Here’s a quick look at the various team names they’ve assumed over the years:
Summer 2007 – Dunder Mifflin All Stars
Fall 2007 – Dunder Mifflin All Stars
Spring 2008 – Dundercats
Summer 2008 – Dundercatsss
Fall 2008 – Pro Alkies*
Spring 2009 – Dunder Siege
Summer 2009 – Dunder Siege II: Dark Territory
Fall 2009 – Mad Cox: Beyond the Dunderdome
Spring 2010 – Mad Cox II: Return to the Dunderdome
Summer 2010 – Dirty Deeds, Dunder Cheap
Fall 2010 – Dunder the Influence
Spring 2011 – Dirty Dunderpants
Summer 2011 – Dunder Cuva Brothas
Fall 2011 – Dumb and Dunder
Spring 2012 – Dunder Bunnies
Summer 2012 – Dunder presents:  The David Wilcox Hose Explosion
Fall 2012 – How WAKA got her Dunder back
Winter 2012 – The Tyrannical Dunderbaggers
Spring 2013 – DunderSaurus Rex

Wow, that’s a lot of different names but the core of the team is always there.

So if you have the good fortune to face Dunder this season, get ready to play a fun game and have a few drinks.  And if you’re smart, you’ll pay attention to how the old timers do it and maybe … just maybe you’ll be lucky enough to receive an invitation to try out for Dunder … just remember, they card at the door … those under 25 need not apply.  Damn kids, stay off our lawn.

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