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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pitches Be Trippin

Pitches Be Trippin are undefeated!?  Didn’t see it? Well either did we…literally, thanks to the lights shutting off  and too many gas station $.99 tube shots.   After our captain trade raped the entire league and picked up a new pitcher and our catcher off the disabled list and ….we are looking to improve last season’s performance. 

Meet the Pitches!

Kimberly, el Capitan
“Adam is the ying to my yang... I miss my co-captain!”

Adam, ex Co-Captain

James, Catcher
“Yo momma…”

Geoff, First Base
“Where’s my beer?”

Michelle, Second Base
“MWHAHAHA!!!” *signature laugh*

Amy, anything but shortstop
“I need more glitter!”

Justin aka Dos, Outfield
“I’m not Mexican… my name’s just Dos, is that confusing?”

Robert, Catcher
“Add songs to the playlist”

Ricky, Outfield
“The gas stations around here don’t have Bud Ice or 99¢ tube shots… fail”

Warren, Utility Player
“Teamwork makes the dream work”

Kelly, New Player
“What did I drunk-eat last night?”

Galicia, New Player

Britt, Second and designated drinker
“Work hard, play hard”

Cristina, designated dancer
“I go hard”

Jessica, New Player with the Afro
“Don’t hate me, cuz you ain’t me”

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