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Monday, March 19, 2012

Walk of Shame

Every day, one should try and better themself by learning at least one
new thing. Well, 2 things were learned Thursday, March 8th:

1. The love affair between Jay and the sport of kickball is kinda like
the John Cusack in one of those 80s movies… standing out in the yard,
playing music, praying, hoping, desiring, that simply being there will
get the job done…that simple proximity and self-imposed dedication to
one’s most desired love will indeed be enough…completely ignoring that
the other side was not reciprocating those feelings in any way, shape,
or form. However, this past Thursday, Mother Nature treated young Jay
like the majority of attractive high school girls treat all hopeless
romantics…total B!#@H mode! Mother Nature dropped plenty of hints that
warned the evening would not end as desired…but an email with an
extremely high amount of exclamation points assured the WAKA group
that the game was ON! Mother Nature, probably shocked by the inability
to pick up on obvious clues, such as: heavy predictions of
rain/thunderstorms from professional meteorologists who have really
expensive and fancy equipment that is actually designed to predict
weather conditions; quick drops in temperature; and impending dark
ominous rain clouds moving directly towards Krieg Field; promptly
scoffed at the optimistic email and responded with sleet, then
sideways rain, a flying cow, and frigid winds just a couple knots shy
of gale-force quality (all of this happened at 6:30pm CST on Field #2,
in case you missed it), to remind all of us that she, like all women,
ulitmately control the situation and the rest of us are just trying to
get it in whenever we’re allowed. But we commend you, Jay, for the
ultimate, albeit irresponsible (at times), optimism!

2. The second thing learned was much more relevant to the current WAKA
standings. With such atmospheric conditions as described above, it
wasn’t ideal kickballing weather, but as Jay 'Cusack' informed us…the
game was still ON! Delta Bravo, despite their somewhat militaristic
team name, chose to ignore Jay’s email/call to battle and wave the
white doily towel from their couches. Instead, we assume, they all
remained home, cuddled up in their Hello Kitty snuggies, sipping on
some 4 month old Swiss Miss, trying to finish the Hunger Games trilogy
before the movies come out and ruin it, whilst trying to improve their
teenage-quality diction…hope you enjoyed yourselves, you pansy-faces!
On the contrary, the Walks showed up in full force…enthusiastically
braving the weather, the imminent colds that everyone would catch if
an hour-long game actually happened, and enduring the even-worse
traffic conditions due to always-present poor Austinite drivers,
extremely poor foresight in city road planning, and the increasing
amount of skinny-jean-wearing SXSW hipster visitors in the region, to
show that their collective team bravery would rival those American
heroes from the Band of Brothers brethren in the Battle of Bastogne
(google it, educate yourselves). The end result was a forfeit win for
Walks, which by Canadian standards, means a score of 11-0, eh. So
thank you, Delta Bravo, for rolling over, taking it like a champ, and
not even being respectful enough to inform us that you’d be too scared
as a collective team to show up…we are now stronger because of it!

Finally, everyone, please enjoy the remainder of this week however you
desire…SXSW or the shenanigans prompted by March Madness! (Delta
Bravo, we hope you burned your tongues on the Swiss Miss, but still
have a good overall week nonetheless, just without any ability to
taste free tacos or beer...unless they taste awful, because then we'd
want you to suck on that taste for awhile.)

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