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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


We want you. Yes, you. You hard-bodied men with your well-maintained six packs and your dropped-jaw-inducing sculpted arms. Let's be honest: we noticed, and we appreciate it. But, it got us thinking: who else in the league is nice to the touch? And why aren't we feeling 'em up? So, again: we want you. Come find one of us (we play on Relax & Candy Van) and show us what you got. The winners of our subjective contest will win something super awesome. Like a crown. Or a medal. Or shots at the bar. We'll pick the top 5 best bodies and broadcast them at some point in the future, giving you bragging rights forever and ever.

As a special preview, here are some of the men in the league getting called out for their phenomenal bodies. Hope you're not shy, fellas!

See you on the fields,
Alex, Sarah, and Valerie

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