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Thursday, March 1, 2012

We've Got Throws in Different Area Codes

Two games in and we are still yet to score, although last week’s 0-7 showed much improvement over our first game’s 0-15 loss. J-man told me at the bar that there is hope for us though. He said that if we improve by the same amount this week we should win by 1 point. (And J-man must be good at math because he is in some smart-sounding science program at UT). Winning would be awesome, but we’ll be pretty ecstatic if we can get just one point on the board.

 Even if our offense continues looking like Charlie Brown, we are looking forward to many flip cups games at the fields before we head to the bar. We’ve been honing our skills and have created a flip cup lineup to hide weaknesses and maximize our one-flip-wonders. Our game is at 6:15 so come challenge us before your game! Here’s to hoping we finally get lucky on the field (or at the bar)!

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