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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We Don't Even Like DEEZ Balls

Out to prove that their WAKA debut against Toot It & Boot It was no fluke, We Don't Even Like Kickball used their bye week to perfect the art of between inning shot-gunning and on-deck circle beer bonging.

Needless to say, DEEZ Balls didn't stand a chance. The Hare Bear swiped his kickball v-card with a stellar performance on the mound, backed up by all-World second baseman John Crizzle Crain and his running mate up the middle, Stealthy Stephen D. Home-Run Blathrae made her Waka debut - as did her gallon light-up jug of Blay-Blay juice.

However, the stage belonged to kickball rookie Killer Kate Banks. After putting on the classic 'Guys, I Suck!' act, Kate stepped up to the plate and ripped a run-scoring kick that broke both the hearts and minds of DEEZ BALLZ. Her sudden fame got to her head - however - as she decided she didn't give 2 shits about 3rd base, and she was tagged out idly standing by the bag while the ball was right next to her. Nonetheless, her performance garnered her MVP honors for the night.

At the end of the night, We Don't Even Like Kickball kicked DEEZ Balls right in DERE Balls and continue their march through WAKA Capital.

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