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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Liver Let Die

Let us be the first to congratulate our competitors on a team name that still had us giggling like school girls at the bar. Well, at least Jason was. That guy’s a quack. Chicks Dig Big Kicks, you guys (and gals) were a class act and fun to play.
Everyone played sharp, but a few call-outs are in order:
- Our bright shining star Cody deserves special mention. This guy is just like Thomas the train. The train that could. And he attacks the field with tank-engine force.
- Just ask our second call-out, Sean, who we’re pretty sure no longer has an ankle and/or foot after a wicked infield collision with the lo-cody-motion engine. He was a punishing force at first.
- Finally, if a kickball gets anywhere near Allie, it’s caught. She is like the Death Star. A Death Star with a curtsy.
This Liver team comes to you with a mix bag of veterans and newbies. Our fearless leader David brings his kickball zeal and know-how to a group of misfits in an attempt to pull off his best Brad-Pitt-In-Moneyball. It’s going to be a challenge but we have high hopes. Now if we can just get that was-fat-now-skinny kid from Superbad to create some kind of algorithm we’ll be, well… in the Money.
Good times. Relax: we’re coming for you.   

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