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Thursday, March 8, 2012


Last week, Captain VAG rode a phallic American rocket all the way to Awesometown (drunkenness).
Then, a ninja from Hannah Montana karate kicked it to destroy it because we broke all of our "bats." It was... AMAZING. And then everyone ate candy and drank more beer. The kickball game was mehhhh.

This week, we're switching gears away from our American pride and focusing more on the patron saint of drunk Mexicans, P. Chapa, with a little celebration we're calling St. Chapa's Day. Similar to St. Patrick's day, we'll get drunk and wear green. But, instead of pinching you for not wearing green, Tom "DBag" H will drop it like it's hot on you... repeatedly. You'll be some combination of aroused, disgusted, and confused the entire time you're getting Tom Dropped.

So you feel a little more inclined to join in on this St. Chapa's Day celebration, here's the Saint card about him I stole from a church.

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