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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Big League Chew

Two games in and two 1-run losses. This one wasn't any easier to swallow, losing with the bases loaded in the bottom of the fifth. That being said, another impressive defensive performance, and great play by our newbies! Both in the field, and at bad, these girls and guys did a great job keeping us in the game. Unfortunately, the game came with a devastating loss. Kristen "the spider" DeYoe seriously injured her knee running through first base. MRI results are coming, and BLC can only hope that she'll be able to return this season. By the way, she was safe at first.

This week we have the Walks. We'll also have the debut of John Spillar (I think), our ringer from out of town. He's been traveling on business the past two weeks, but I feel like he's ready to become the difference maker for us. To Dre: Stephen talks of only one thing as we prepare for this pivotal match up... Trucking you at first base during his first at bat.


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