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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Week 5 Picks

Now we're cookin' with bacon. 7-1-1 last week!

Regular Season Record: 26-7-3 (.764)


Game 1: Red Ball and VOdka vs Booooze On First!
Booooze on First -2.5

Game 2: Sons of Pitches Kickin the Punt vs Do You Even Kick, Bro?
Do You Even Kick Bro -1.5

Game 3: Sit On My Base vs The Tyrannical Tea Baggers
Tyrannical Tea Baggers -3.5

Game 4: Brown Guy and Friends vs Kickin' Grass & Takin' Names
Kickin' Grass -3.5

Game 5: FRESH BRU vs Large Hardon Collider - Length

Game 6: PurpleSaurus Rex vs Jacked to the Kicks
Jacked to the Kicks -4.5

Game 7: Tight and Bright vs Plan B
Tight and Bright -2.5

Game 8: Finkick Odair vs Large Hardon Collider - Girth
Finkick Odair -10.5

Game of the Week: Pitches Be Trippin' vs At Least We're Having Fun
The best of the worst is always a weird place to be. Everyone in the top half of the Music conference is having a great time winning, but you don't want to be TOO good in case we end up voting next season and people remember getting their asses kicked by you and vote you up to Capital. ALWHF has done a good job of flying under the radar this season, and they do completely fall apart when their manager isn't there to handle kicking order and fielding assignments, but PBT has gone from unstoppable to vulnerable in the last couple of weeks even though they remain undefeated. My guess is the Funsies take their foot off the pedal again to get themselves back down to a middle of the pack ranking, but this is actually going to be one of the most evenly matched games talent wise of the season, barring possibly Kickin' Grass vs Having Fun.
Pitches Be Trippin' -1.5

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