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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Week 4 Power Rankings

Rank - Team - Δ - Summary

1 - Finkick Odair - N/A
This game was painful to watch. Basically looked like this: 

Took out their frustration from last weeks win by just pooping all over Plan B.

3 - The Tyrannical Tea Baggers - N/A
Held off T&B, but certainly didn't create a lot of separation.

4 - Tight and Bright - ↑1
Wish I could rank them lower for Andre being a D-yoosh.

5 -  Plan B - ↓1
I hear Ninad went home and rethought his whole life after the beating they took from FRESH BRU.

6 - Sit On My Base - N/A
At first I thought we had sort of a 3 team bottom tier in this conference, but now I'm thinking these guys could maybe beat Plan B? There I said it!

7 - Large Hardon Collider - Girth - N/A
A gutsy tie, but lets be real. They're saving it all for their superbowl: Hardon vs Hardon this week.

8 - Large Hardon Collider - Length - N/A
16-2 losses are karma for stealing the Party Belt.

9 - Pitches be Trippin' -  N/A
Clearly this team got together and decided to take their foot off the gas and not be "those guys" in the lower conference, but then they almost lost and got really stressed out but still pulled out a 1 run victory. Mental errors make them no longer the runaway favorite.

10 - Brown Guys and Friends -  ↑4
New contender for least consistent team in the league. Where did a 16-5 win come from?

11 - At Least We're Having Fun - N/A
I blame this loss on the manager, I'm not ready to demote them yet. This week could set a trend that tumbles them in the standings though.

12 - Jacked to the Kicks - ↑3
All around awesome performance that came just short of turning around a huge upset against the conference leaders.

13 - Kickin' Grass and Takin' Names - ↑1
Slowly but surely makin their way.

14 - Booooze on First! -  ↓4
The kickball gods giveth and taketh away. Their paper thin roster is their biggest weakness.

15 - Do You Even Kick Bro? - ↑1
Oh snap! Here they are with the W! Could be a fluke, could be the start of something big.

16 - Red Ball and V0dka - ↓4
I overestimated their kickball ability almost as much as I overestimated Caitlin's ability to judge #picoftheweek impartially.

17 - Sons of Pitches Kickin The Punt - N/A
Jekyll and Hyde defense and offense. Great short game with really good bunts and smart baserunning for days when they're kicking, then hilari-bad pitching (multiple pitches did not cross the plate) and general tomfoolery while on the field. Did their best but couldn't lose to PurpleSaurus Rex.

18 - PurpleSaurus Rex -  N/A
In week 3 PurpleSaurus Rex septupled their run total for the season, which sounds impressive until you realize they only had 1 run scored through week 2. 

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