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Thursday, September 22, 2016

#AllColorsSaurus Rex

Rainbows vs Neon was the hot debate on GroupMe this week, and rather than let our strong opinions about which was a superior theme divide us, we've decided that this week #allcolorsmatter. Nothing says fun theme night like a hashtag that feels just vaguely racist!

Baby night resulted, unsuprisingly, in another #picoftheweek win and BOOMTOWN another belt win for The Rex, putting us at 16 points on the season and officially lapping the incumbent Hardons. I've started posting pictures on behalf of other teams so that they can be part of the fun too, I believe in you guys!

This week's featured violet saurischians include Rugby star and part time kickball player Rob Jaskula, 6 time winner of "best male butt on the team" Clay Porter, and unicorn-riding sexy satyr Jim Duchnowski!

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