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Thursday, September 8, 2016

PurpleSaurus Rex

Apparently you jack-holes didn't get the memo about PurpleSaurus Rex being the apex predator of the TX Live ecosystem, because Pitches be Trippin' quite RUDELY scored 11 runs on us without spotting us a single score.

There's a silver lining though y'all. Predicting our misfortune, Booooze on First! asked five of their women to not attend last week's game, causing them to forfeit and take negative points in the standings. Thanks to their selfless sacrifice, PurpleSaurus Rex is


If you haven't met Denver the Dinosaur, here he is looking fly in all his PurpleSaurus Swag:

Denver only fucks winners, so he goes home with the MVP of the game each week and does cool dinosaur shit with them all week. Our week 1 MVP Alan Butters took Denver to the woodshop where he helped cut, glue, clamp, and plane some butcher block!

Look forward to more adventures of Denver! Also I'll be introducing the team with their official PurpleSaurus Rex trading cards of the course of the season. This week? PurpleSaurus Rex founder and yours truly: Stephen Moursund, and our intrepid captain Ashley Compton!

I'd like to predict a win this week but our quarterback is dealing with a fractured vertebrae and we have a rookie starting, so we're just going to have to hope for the best.

PurpleSaurus Rex

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