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Thursday, July 2, 2015

PurpleSaurus Rex - TX Live

Board Game Night

I wish I could capture in words for all of you what board game night looks like when you're a Purplesaurus.
Mostly it looks like this.  But, ya know, more... purpley.

There are many different sorts of game nights in the world.  Poker.  Backgammon.  Shooting flares at bottles.  Normal stuff.  Last week, game night consisted of poorly drawn cuddling and very well drawn asteroids.  A little too well drawn.  We have a thing about asteroids.

You kind of had to be there.

(When stick figures cuddle it looks like they're doing a whole lot more than cuddling.  Maybe you didn't have to be there.)

There was also a great game of... something that seemed like a cross between charades and taboo that somehow involved the Jeffersons.  It got a little weird.
Jealous?  Its okay.  You don't have to answer that.

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