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Saturday, July 11, 2015

TX Live Spring 2015 Life of the Party Final Standings

The results are in folks! After NINE weeks of partying (Y'all got some extra party nights in thanks to rainouts. How's that for a deal?), thousands of pictures, epic bar game performances, incredible costumes, and another season of kickball awesomeness, we have the final scores available.

First, I must point out with a heavy heart that we have a few party poopers among us. There are four teams that scored nary a social point this season. Not one GMOT entry. Not one bar games attempt. Not a single picture posted for nearly three months of kickball. These are their names:

Sit On My Base


Do You Even Kick, Bro?



Now on to the winners! In the final week of the season, PurpleSaurus couldn't be stopped and was propelled to the weekly victory on the strength of the entire leagues need to click the like button on pictures of my speedo clad American-ness, but one big week was not enough to catch the leaders.

Kickin' the Punt, the reigning champs of the Party Belt, put up awesome numbers all  season long and made DAMN sure I knew it when I miscounted something. While they only won the belt outright two weeks of the season, they were ALWAYS among the top two or three in scoring and made a late push that took the championship to the brink! They basically invented themes all season long, and have made a case for several new types of bonus points with their shenanigans.

In the end, it wasn't enough to overcome the newcomer and party juggernaut of the season: LARGE HARDON COLLIDER. From the outset, this team was destined to be great. Sometimes the child outgrows the parent, and such was the case with this party seed that floated from the PurpleSaurus tree, found fertile loam in which to spread it's roots, and because possibly the most perfect embodiment of a WAKA party team that TX Live has ever known. Themes every week, inflatable dicks everywhere, lots of skin, lots of booze, and a flood of awesome pictures every week to make sure you knew exactly how much fun you were missing out on by not being on this team. Not to mention their preternatural bar game skills that netted them big points every week and quality GMOT writing. With a grand total of 1,988 Party Points, the new TX Live Party Champions are Large Hardon Collider!

View all the final standings here, with notes for how all the points were scored! (At least for week 3 and after when I started doing that).

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