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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


And KickInThePunt is off to a fantastic start of our third season and the bright pink team. We hear there was an attempt from others to maybe take on our color so we are relieved that even with the waiting to put together a new team with half newbies we didn’t lose OUR color.

Speaking of newbies, we love them! They arrived with some serious motivation and proved their worth with some awesome kicks and catches all while trying to figure out the silly game we play on Thursday nights for some odd reason. They also brought along a few cheerleaders in human and canine form. Sons of Pitches may think they had the first place for the number of dogs on the sidelines but we are after that spot now! So much so that the pups became the inspiration for the first team photo at the bar.

Expect great things from us this season y’all, cuz here come the punts!

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