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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Large Hardon Collider - TX Live

Last week we lost, but we’re all winners in the eyes of our Moms. We celebrated that by dressing up as rockstars and doing a lot of things that our Mothers probably would not approve of.

Best rock ‘n’ roll movie ever? I’d say Rock Star featuring Marky Mark MINUS the Funky Bunch.

Steel Dragon is an obvious upgrade.

It’s just too bad that he wasn’t actually singing. Jeff Scott Soto was the ripper behind the scenes on that one. Stand up and shout!
I would say my second favorite is probably Airheads. If you don’t agree, let me refer you to The Buschemi.

As you can see, the season wears thin and I’m getting sick of talking about partying. All this partying has inflated our Dad Bods to new and less-than-exciting heights.

This partying feud must come to end. Kick in the Punt, lay down your flamingos and step aside for the new champions. This week it shall be cemented in history forever. Long live Large Hardon Collider.

Scene from The Park last week.

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