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Thursday, July 2, 2015

PurpleSaurus Rex - TX Live

Tonight is the rescheduled Tight & Bright theme night, and while I did spend some money on neon leggings and fishnet gloves and sweatbands and other stuff for neon night, there's something more important happening. A little something called the birth of our nation. EVER HEARD OF IT!?

This week, PurpleSaurus goes America all over everybody's ass.

Whitney Houston will be signing the Star Spangled Banner to kick the game off, and then the new and improved AMERICA MIX will blast us through a night of celebrating the best goddamn nation on Earth, along with the most patriotic outfits known to man. USA chants are inevitable. Oh and apparently we're good at soccer too, so we stole that from

Big shout out to Pitches be Trippin, our opponents tonight. Apparently they're bored with beating the bejesus out of everyone and want to play with fun rules, so we're going #nobunting and #backwardsbases tonight. I can't wait to see Rob totally forget about that rule and run the wrong way every time he kicks, it never gets old!

We're holdin down the late game tonight, which means bar games gets a late start too as it's gotta wait until I get there. Look for washers around 10 at The Park!


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