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Thursday, February 26, 2015

PurpleSaurus Rex - TX Live

Big "back down to Earth" game for us after we were feeling all pleased with ourselves following our 1-0 win in week 2, as we kinda got dominated all night. Yeah we only had 6 guys available and were playing with 5 of them for a few innings, but damn we gots some work to do to hang in this conference! Fortunately, the Mardi Gras spirit kept us going and we got to show off our strongest assets in sequins and spandex, so the night was far from a net loss!

MVP of the night went to Mr. Clayton Porter, repping the Mardi Gras theme the hardest of them all with his ridiculous get-up, while our on-field woes were offset by what may have been a career performance by Kristie Kelly, who I believe was 3 for 3 with 2 RBIs on offense and made some clutch stops at 3rd base to stop the bleeding.

Huge shout out to Kickin the Punt for absolutely dominating in Life of the Party last week, we're pumped to hand off the belt to a worthy successor and will be doubling down trying to win it back this week!

Speaking of this week, we've got Relax and Let it Happen on the schedule this week. My relationship with this team has gone from adversarial to downright loving in the 4 or so years I've known them.

First time I ever played them, they were short a few ladies and picked up subs from Walks, Teabaggers, and Candy Van to put together a super squad that was full on shitting on our dreams. We were NOT expecting a team on that level and wounded pride combined with (understandably) mistaking Shannon's good-natured shit talking to be some crazy malicious bitch on the sideline, led to me pulling out out the rulebook and pointing out to the ref that they didn't have enough girls to play and the game should be a forfeit. I believe Jay called me a "fucking douchebag" at the plate, I told him I was a "fucking douchebag with a W", and we may have parted ways on not the best terms.

Not the best start! And yet now I love those guys. Since that first game, I've grown steadily more and more fond of their unique brand of fun, and they've been pretty much instrumental in demonstrating to me that taking the game seriously and having a great time are not mutually exclusive.  I've partied with them at Third Base, Shangri-La, G&S Lounge, Gibson Bar, The Park on South Lamar, Vegas clubs at multiple Founders Cups, and LSKO pre-parties for going on five years now, and we'll party with them again tonight (assuming their old asses actually make it to the bar instead of going home to watch Matlock). So here's to you Relax: looking forward to the game tonight.  My only regret that Alex isn't on the roster so she can go 0-3 again.


  1. hahahha love this and love the news that I can use words like "fucking douchebag" in GMOTs to come. Thought that was off limits :)

  2. It's an adult league, we can handle strong language =) When it's an attack or hate speech or something I won't post it, but creative license in your storytelling is entirely permitted and encouraged.