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Thursday, February 5, 2015

PurpleSaurus Rex - TX Live

You're going to get to the fields tonight and think "Oh my goodness who are those incredibly attractive people in purple and leggings and tutus? How can I meet them? Are the interested in having sex with me?"

The answers to those questions:

1. We are PurpleSaurus Rex!
2. Please approach with your best mating display.
3. Probably.

You see, due to the Week 5 Rule we have to look outward for our hawt hawt dino mating opportunities for the first part of the season, which means now is the time to pounce! The real challenge is just the raw mechanics of doin' it with a friggin dinosaur. Fortunately, there's this helpful video!

Before you ask, YES a few of us have spiked, spiral, crazy murder penises. No I will not tell you which ones, that would ruin the fun. Just be confident that Life Will Find a Way.

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