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Thursday, February 19, 2015

PurpleSaurus Rex - TX Live

We approached our first season in the competitive conference with an appropriate measure of trepidation: what if we get pooped on every week? Will that still be fun? Can our fun-ness out-fun the un-fun-ness of as-perceived-by-us-un-fun teams?

Friends, I am here to tell you this: I don't think there are any un-fun teams in this league. For serious y'all. Even though every fiber of my being cried out against it, I made a lineup last week that actually took advantage of our strengths instead of just putting whoever showed up first at the top of the order. I put players in positions where we could protect the field and make a play on any ball instead of having gaping holes because I told people to just play "wherever". We BUNTED for god's sake, it was like some bizarre dream world! But guess what: IT WAS FUN. AND WE WON. It was a sorta sloppy 1-0 win but count it! Scoreboard!

Of course, we weren't done winning. Not by a long shot. As promised, our BA new jackets kept us feeling hot and looking fly, and paired well with the Party Belt (which I'm told we've hung on to for another week after another week of dominating the bar.)

A pre-game pep talk from Hollywood Ivan Hogan got us started:

And our sexy Purple Ladies looked particularly delightful in satin and tights:

Do you KNOW how hot Robin is?
If you haven't met Denver yet, he's our official team mascot and game ball: he goes home with the ballingest baller of the night after every game for some sweet sweet dino loving until the next Thursday. In week 1, breakout pitcher Dan Hain took home the beast, while last week Heide Danysh took a goddamn knee to the head at first base but still managed to kick the game winning RBI! Why is Denver named Denver? Jeez, it's like nobody watched shitty cartoons in the late 80s. Let me EDUCATE YOU:

So to recap: a dinosaur that plays guitar in a rock band, wears ridiculous clothes, and is friends "and a whole lot more" with a bunch of children? Yeah that's us.

This week we take on Better Red than Blue Balls, and something tells me we've already won because Brim doesn't like to dress up (unless its a full method-acted version of Elmo), and our Mardi Gras-ness will overpower them before the first pitch is even thrown.

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