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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Welcome to the GMOT!

Listen up kids: it's business time. If this is your first time perusing this mighty beast we call the Ghost Man on Third (GMOT for short), WELCOME! This is a player-contributed blog meant to serve as an outlet for anything you want in regard to kickball, your team, your costumes, or any general awesomeness you feel like sharing. To make sure our fun is good and clean(ish), we have some guidelines:
  • No hate speech. This means attacking someone on the basis of their gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or anything else along those lines.
  • No nudity. People usually read this blog on Thursday while they're killing time at work wishing they were playing kickball instead. Keep it SFW!
  • No excessively harsh language/cursing. It's ok to drop a bomb here and there, we're all adults, but that also means we don't just call each other names.
Now, why (aside from being awesome/entertaining) would you ever want to contribute to such an amazingly fun blog? Because we 'gon get you DRUNK. There will be a special bottle of PREMIUM liquor at the end of season party, and each team that submits a write up every week (not including this week, it's ok, you didn't know) will get to line up and do a shot of it with your league rep!
    Sounds BALLER, right? Just send an email to waka.gmot@gmail.com to make a submission. Our GMOT Czar Kimberly Fortanely will be checking the account every Monday and posting all of the emails in there, so make sure you get something in by the end of the week if you want it to appear in the next week's blog! If there are any other hopes and dreams you hope the GMOT can fulfill, don't hesitate to ask!

    If you have pictures to include (you will!) try and just send us the URL of where it's hosted rather than emailing the file, it's a lot easier to just hotlink rather than download it and then re-host it on the blog!

    Stephen & Kim

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