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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Legendary Red Rockets

It’s not every day you get to wrestle a gator—but that’s exactly what happened last week, sort of—Red Rockets overcoming adversity once again and kicking out the jams and rockin it.

In my absence, Editor-in-Chief-Power Lunger for The Legendary Red Rockets has been receiving digital high fives to pass on to the Peanut Butter and Leo “bad ass girl in left field!”

Apparently she knows how to handle herself in the outfield—if you were looking for a ball joke, I’m sorry to disappoint.

From William Murray and The Legendary Red Rockets.
To the PB&L vixen in left field:

Now on to the real biznasty-- The Legendary Red Rockets.
We beat PB&L – not knowing more than that, I can estimate we looked damn good, the proof’s in the pudding- he’s a pic from our after party at Icenhauer's.

There was no beer... wah wah! |There was however, a giant thing of water and Emergen-C. That was pretty legit. | Fun after party at our team sponsor Icenhauer's.

Apparently we have a make-up with our boozy and joint white trash theme compadres: Candy Van – so yeah it’s going to be loco. I’m looking forward to mullets, wife beaters, jean shorts and anything else you might expect from states that start with the letter “A” –Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, etc.

Redactions: None –everything I predicted last week came true: Deep lunges. Warm embraces. Power high fives. Incognito libations.
Here’s my selfie.

See y'all on the pitch.

Ahhhhh We Rocket! Ahhhh Nous Fusée! Ahhhh nós foguete! Ahhhh vi raket!

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