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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pitches Be Trippin'

Week 1: Every Week is Rivalry Week

The first annual Pitches be Trippin’ fantasy football league kicked off last weekend with a draft at Third Base.  Fantasy Football brings people together, tears them apart, and as it turns out, there are no shortage of bitter rivalries in an intrakickball-team fantasy football league.  Captain Robert was able to get us a nice quiet table for 10, despite the fact that Warren forgot to make a reservation and almost ruined the draft. James showed up late and intoxicated (as usual), and Justin avoided an onslaught of verbal abuse by drafting from home. Everyone else was present and accounted for, though Rena opted to auto-draft after letting her emotions get the better of her and her team just one year ago. Julie was as excited as ever and was even heard using fantasy football terminology like “waiver wire”, which she will need to get familiar with. Tessa and Michelle looked as if they were taking an online Exam, while Geoff and I sat back and made pretentious remarks about players and their likelihood of success in the coming season. All the while, Carter was silently absorbing football knowledge and plotting his evil fantasy empire. Jessica and Galicia showed up to hang out, but stayed above the fray and out of the draft.

Almost two hours later, all of the picks had been made and we all went home brimming with anticipation of the start of the regular season. Who will get the trophy, and who will be forced to carry a chip of failure and shame around on their shoulder throughout the entire off-season?

Commissioner’s Awards

Best Draft Performance: Longhorns (Geoff)
Best Team Name: Vick in a Box (Julie) – Honorable Mention: Off in the Woods
Most Likely to Win Championship: Carter’s Cool Team
Worst Draft Performance: The Tigers? (Justin)
Worst Team Name: The Tigers?
Cinderella Sleeper: Tessa’s Team

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