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Thursday, September 26, 2013

PurpleSaurus Rex - TX Live

Alright Austin WAKA, we are PurpleSaurus Rex and we are here to do two things: make out with you and chew bubble gum. Yeah, you guessed it, WE'RE ALL OUT OF BUBBLE GUM.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Purple Stuff, Rex is an homage to a very cherished part of my childhood: Kool-Aid. There was once a flavor, the perfect Kool-Aid flavor, a delicate balance of grape and lemonade, known as PurpleSaurus Rex. It was delicious, it had a cool dinosaur on the little packet, and it had awesome commercials like this:

Long considered extinct, the brilliant scientists in my kitchen two years ago discovered a method of cloning the noble PurpleSaurus Rex! An elaborate process involving a 5 gallon cooler, a tub of grape Kool-Aid mix, a tub of Country Time Lemonade mix, a liter of grain alcohol, a bunch of water/ice and a big ass wooden spoon yielded the second coming of this glorious concoction, and there was much rejoicing in the world!

Come gather around the jug, partake in the Purple, and join us in our merriment! Be warned though: we get a little weird. The standard theme nights are awesome, but we tend to do more. Some nights we'll be wearing tutus:

Who tu? Tu tu!
Some nights (ok a lot of nights) we'll have on sexy sexy tights:

The end of game RAWR!
And every night we'll be ready to hoist that freak flag, play some kickball, share our booze with you, and make Thursday the best goddamn night of the week!

Also we have fun socks. And hats.
Our hearts and cooler are always open to new people, so come by and say hello at the fields and have some punch, snuggle up and whisper in our ears in a booth at Gibson, invite us back to your apartment "to watch a movie", and then wake up all hung over and wonder in terror why there's a GODDAMN DINOSAUR IN BED WITH YOU! RAAWWWWRRRRRRRRRR!

Stephen & PurpleSaurus Rex

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