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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Where My Pitches At

Picture brought to you by the first page of Google (because scrolling is hard) and what appears to be a ridiculously old Austin GMOT: http://wakaaustingmot.wordpress.com. AMAZING. You may now rejoice in WAKA history or nostalgia.

How do you truly start the season off right? A solid kickball performance? Old and new friends uniting in one dugout for full on shenanigans? Glitter bombs? FALSE. The correct answer is one of God's greatest gifts and it is called a KEG. Specifically, a keg that has undergone a inexplicably magical transformation and is shared in harmony with your opponents. Allegedly it was Bud Light, but it achieved so much more. Light and fizzy, with a touch of fruit? A sprig of rosemary? I've heard differing reports. Unimportant. The point is, you know a god exists when he makes your beer taste DELICIOUS. Oh, that's all the time? DEBATE WON, applause not necessary. The sweet flip of an empty solo cup on a portable table was enough.

Counting is too hard for me, and scores have numbers, but bottom line, we have a great season ahead of us. A couple great new teammates, a love of cartwheels... the world is your oyster, Charlie Brown! With Hannah Montana off slaying dragons (that's what they do in Capital right? It's got to be more than just Valerie trying to smuggle you into her windowless van), it's time for a new champion! But rather than go off on whimsical cliches, all we're going to say is BE READY.

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