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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kicks Like Jesus

It's raining runs in the KLJ camp, and I attribute it to clean livin', our lord and savior, and perfectly executed synchronized Tebows. Actually it's probably the post game cramp preventing pickle shots, and the intense dragon breath permanently produced from their consumption. It's the perfect formula for success really. 

1) Pickle shot 
2) Kick ball 
3) Breathe 
4) Coast home past the fallen soldiers

Also Madd Dawg Maddie managed to fall only once this game, and we couldn't be more proud. Keeping it graceful. Kyle WoodHAM only showed up twenty minutes late this time. Also impressive considering his rigorous time consuming weight gain 50,000 program. After all, those hundred pound dumbbells aren't going to curl themselves. Welcome to the gun show. After bunting himself to third and booting in a triple, I'm convinced Jesus is on Paul Vincent Bobba's side. PVB = MVP. Celebrate with RBV*. Done.

After crushing the "capital" Slampieces last night @ something like 10-1 (winning this hard causes you to lose count), I have one thing to say to "Whiskey Kick" next week:

* Red Bull Vodka

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