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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Big League Chew

Last week marked the beginning of something special. Despite severe douchebaggery on the part of our opponents*, Big League Chew jumped onto the kickball scene with a solid defensive performance against the talented Slampieces. We all know that there are no moral victories in kickball, but you couldn't help but feel pride as this newly minted and short handed capital team fought their way through 4 whole innings of kickball (yes, I said 4). A special shout out goes to our wounded warrior, Stephen, who gutted out a fantastic defensive effort, despite the crippling kickball ankle injury he is struggling through. This is the kind of heart that you can expect every time you watch Big League Chew in action.What else should you expect from us for week 2 you ask?
1. An entire pack of our name sake in the pitchers cheek during the game
2. The return of flip cup to the fields
3. Some stellar defense
4.  The most incredibly beautiful team that TX Capital has ever seen.
and most importantly...
God Bless Thursdays!
*Yes it is ok to peg someone as they run around the bases. No it is not ok to go dodgeball mode and try to peg a batter as he prepares to kick. I MISS WEINER OF THE WEEK!

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