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Thursday, February 23, 2012

We Don't Even Like Kickball

We Don’t Even Like Kickball, but….we’re kickin’ ass and taking names.

Although we’re new to the WAKA league, this isn’t WDELK’s first rodeo.  Our team formed last year, on a beautiful Thursday evening in March. We all showed up to our first game loaded with Miller Lite’s, a Gatorade cooler filled with our own recipe of ‘go-go juice’ (thank you honey boo-boo child), and one thing on our mind…WHY IS THIS KICKBALL SO BIG?

After a season of playing with an over-sized kickball, terrible Friday hangovers, tripping over our own feet, questionable child molester teammates, and shot-gunning King Cobras, we managed to come in second place in the championship. Which is funny, because we don’t even like kickball…

Since most of us were tired of the over-sized kickball and not being able to smoke cigs while playin’ in the outfield, we decided it was definitely time to switch leagues.
WAKA…get ready.

Now that we have a solid team consisting of a few new, but very athletic people (two girls who have run marathons, which is 26 more miles than anyone on WDELK’s original team), an Italian Stallion who goes by the name ‘Manlove,’ and of course our OG crew…Home-Run Blathrae, Kickin’ Kate, Captain Maddy, MVP Kev, ‘I’ve got every position covered’ John, and everyone’s favorite flower child…Hammerin’ Hippie Hope.

So, even though we have this week off physically, mentally…we are ALWAYS preparing for our next opponents. Plus, this gives us extra time to conjure up the PERFECT playlist for our games, complete with individual songs for each player when they strut up to the plate. We’re thinking lots of Katy Perry, Ke$ha, GaGa, and of course, Whitney (RIP, girl, RIP).

We look forward to seeing you all out on the field next Thursday. Come over and listen to our sweet jamz, grab one of our brews, and be ready to probably shotgun it because that’s how we roll – go big or…don’t, and just keep drinking!

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