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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We've Got Throws in Different Area Codes

So our team (We've Got Throws in Different Area Codes) and almost everyone on it are completely new to WAKA. Where My Pitches completely crushed us last week (0-15 ouch!) but we had a great time hanging out with them and playing many, many games of flip cup!
Here's what we learned in our first WAKA game:

1.) Go to the bar! If not, you might miss the CEO of WAKA buying 50 tequila shots.
2.) Make a line up and assign positions before you start drinking and it’s hard to count how many guys & girls are on the field.
3.) Flip cup is the greatest drinking game ever.
4.) Kegs are totally appropriate for a 45 min game.

Can't wait for this week! 

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