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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Week 6 Power Rankings

Rank - Team - Δ - Summary

1 - Finkick Odair - N/A
Despite getting humbled in Vegas, they're still the best team in Austin.


3 - The Tyrannical Tea Baggers - ↑1
Winning with class.

4-  Plan B - ↑1
Pooped on the not-trying drunk version of TNB.

5 - Tight and Bright - 
Despite being down 13-0 and blind drunk, Dre was still arguing bang bang calls at first base. Shine on baby.

6 - Sit On My Base - N/A
Just storing up power to release the spirit bomb.

7 - Large Hardon Collider - Girth - N/A
They're ready for a recount of the seeding vote. Hanging chads, etc.

8 - Large Hardon Collider - Length - N/A
23-4 is the most lopsided game I have ever seen in CLUBWAKA kickball. Bravo sirs and madams. Now give me my belt back before the karma starts literally killing people!

9 - Pitches be Trippin' -  N/A
Apparently they took offense to me saying they looked "vulnerable". I take it back guys, you definitely deserve to be in the Capital conference and sandbagged the vote with crocodile tears about injuries so you could stay down and steamroll. 

10 - Brown Guys and Friends -  ↑4
I think we have to assume that their default mode is playing well and they have to get super drunk to get off their game. Only way to explain these swings.

11 - Jacked to the Kicks - ↓1
Understandable slept on PurpleSaurus Rex and couldn't pull it back out when they jumped up early.

12 - Kickin' Grass and Takin' Names - ↓1
Can't give up 7 run margins and stay in the top 3 in the conference!

13 - Booooze on First! -  N/A
EmPHAtic win.

14 - At Least We're Having Fun - ↓2
There's a good team in here somewhere when they're paying attention, but a lady never tells.

15 - PurpleSaurus Rex - 
When only the 11 most committed players show up and the party captain makes the vet co-captain make the lineup/field assignments instead of making it up on the fly, it appears this team is actually functional on the field.

16 - Do You Even Kick Bro? - ↓1
Staved off disaster against the newly alone-at-the-bottom SOPKTP.

17 - Red Ball and V0dka - ↓1
I guess those runs against Pitches be Trippin were all they had in them for a bit, blanked by Boooze on First last week.

18 - Sons of Pitches Kickin The Punt - ↓1
Taking the title back from PurpleSaurus with another come from the front loss.

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