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Thursday, October 27, 2016

PurpleSaurus Rex

Welp, I did the math and we've mathematically clinched the Party Belt. Putting it on cruise control this week and partying at a lower level is probably called for right? Fuck that it's Halloween!

Come help us drink the giant jug of PurpleSaurus Rex (7% ABV, consult your doctor if your erection lasts more than 4 hours), play with my boner, and just kick it on Field #1. We'll be in the bleachers 7-8, on the 3rd base sideline 8-9, and hanging out until we kick the cooler and finish our pumpkin for the carving contest while we throw pumpkin guts at the Teabaggers and T&B while they try and play real kickball after us.

The rumors you may have heard are true, Large Hardon Collider did indeed lose the party belt. As of last week I've declared it a total loss and ordered a new one, so next season you can expect to see the true passing of the belt take place every week as God intended. Pour one out for old party belt, she had a good run!

See you on the fields!

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