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Thursday, July 14, 2016

TX Live Week 9 Picks

Back under .700 after a week of two ties, missing on an upset I picked, and two upsets I didn't see coming. CURSES! These are your last regular season picks!

Regular Season Record: 33-12-7 (675)


Game 1: Alcaballic Rex vs Blue Bandits
Alcaballic Rex -2.5

Game 2: At Least We're Having Fun vs Caesar Kickerman
Kickerman -5.5

Game 3: Do You Even Kick, Bro? vs Freeballers
Freeballers -1.5

Game 4: Fresh Bru vs Legendary Red Rockets
Fresh Bru -1.5

Game 5: Gary Kick Jr vs LHC Girth
LHC -2.5

Game 6: Slumpbuster vs The Tyrannical Teabaggers
Teabaggers -1.5

Game 7: LHC Length vs Pitche$ B Trippin'
Pitche$ -1.5

Game 8: Red Ball and V0dka vs Sons of Pitches Kickin The Punt
Red Ball -4.5

Game of the Week: $hit Circus vs A Nu Start
This is a sneakily big game for the Circus. Due to a week 2 forfeit from the Slumpbusters they have a good chance of sneaking in at the three seed and staying away from Kickerman until the Final, and have been paying more attention to the standings than any team ever (otherwise I wouldn't know about this). ANUSTART had a down week last week but tends to play up when challenged to do so, so as usual this game is going to come down to errors. If the Tarts don't go on tilt they can be more consistent, but the Circus seems to have more speed and savvy.
$hit Circu$ -1.5

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