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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Large Hardon Collider - Girth

LHC Girth: House of Coreys

He was a Corey fan at heart, its clear
He searched and found a Corey hair
He spent 10 long years and built a cloning machine
And now he’s accomplished his wonderful dream
To make a house of Coreys
Its a House of Coreys

Corey #16: Token Corey

He only reads his own literature and comes up with all his own sex moves.

Corey #15: Female Mason Corey

The name is insulting enough.

Corey #14: Clipboard Corey

Actually shows up and is fun.  Fails to set an example for this group.

Corey #13: Invisible Corey

She’s all around you.  Just kidding, she’s inside you.  In your butt.  Your butthole.

Corey #12: Goatee Corey

It’s like sitting on a guinea pig.

Corey #11: Blonde Corey


Corey #10: Psyche Corey

Get analyzed and figure out the dreams about your mother fellating a lawn dart.

Corey #9: Hispanic Corey

Spicy and absentee.  Classic.

Corey #8: San Antonio Corey

Tuberculosis free since 2016.

Corey #7: Curious Corey

She wants to get in all your nooks and crannies.  Because she’s curious, you see.

Corey #6: Hat Corey

Who is this guy?

Corey #5: Coreyette

She does basically all Corey stuff, but she’s a girl so it’s socially acceptable.

Corey #4: Creatine Corey

Get blasted in the mouth.

Corey #3: Face Plant Corey

Enjoys drinking in moderation.

Corey #2: Caveman Corey

Hairy, aggressive, and territorial.

Corey #1: Chameleon Corey

Easily Blends in with his surroundings and is often mistaken for Corey #16.

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