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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Playoff Picks

Finish the season a hair under .700, once again failing to hit my arbitrarily set goal for the season. And I was doing so well! Now for the real shit: PLAYOFF PICKS!

Regular Season Record: 39-15-7 (.696)


Ro8 1: Caesar Kickerman vs At Least We're Having Fun
Caesar Kickerman -5.5

Ro8 2: A Nu Start vs Slumpbusters
Slumpbusters -3.5

Ro8 3: They Tyrannical Teabaggers vs Fresh Bru
Teabaggers -4.5

Ro8 4: $hit Circu$ vs The Legendary Red Rockets
$hit Circu$ -2.5

Semifinal 1: Caesar Kickerman vs Slumpbusters
Caesar Kickerman -2.5 

Semifinal 2: The Tyrannical Teabaggers vs $hit Circu$
The Tyrannical Teabaggers -1.5

Capital Championship: Caesar Kickerman vs The Tyrannical Teabaggers
It may be the boring and expected championship matchup pick, but it sure as hell seems to be the likely one in this field. Kickerman is looking towards Founders Cup with this roster, which leads me to believe they're going to be in championship form for this game.
Caesar Kickerman -2.5 


Play-In 1: Alcaballic Rex vs Do You Even Kick, Bro?
Alcaballic Rex -3.5

Play-In 2: Blue Bandits vs Sons of Pitches Kickin' the Punt
Blue Bandits -2.5

Ro8 1: Large Hardon Collider - Girth vs Alcaballic Rex
Alcaballic Rex -1.5 UPSET ALERT!

Ro8 2: Red Ball & Vodka vs Gary Kick Jr.
Gary Kick Jr -1.5 UPSET ALERT!

Ro8 3: Large Hardon Collider - Length vs Blue Bandits
Large Hardon Collider - Length -2.5

Ro8 4: Pitche$ B Trippin' vs Freeballers
Pitche$ B Trippin' -1.5

Semifinal 1: Alcaballic Rex vs Gary Kick Jr
Gary Kick Jr -1.5

Semifinal 2: Large Hardon Collider - Length vs Pitche$ B Trippin'
Pitche$ B Trippin -1.5 UPSET ALERT!

Music Championship: Gary Kick Jr. vs Pitche$ B Trippin'
Everyone is all too aware of the promotion to the Capital conference that comes with a Music title, which accounts for many of the upsets seen in this bracket: managerial decisions to play sub-optimal lineups in order to have a good time but not go all the way. The team with the most pride goes the furthest! After PBT got spanked last week I predict they'll be unable to "turn it off" and go full bore to the title, consequences be damned. Gary Kick Jr. is one of those teams that gets crippled by one or two errors all too often, and I see the same thing happening in the final.
Pitche$ B Trippin' -1.5

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