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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Haypitch Abernathy - TX Live

The first couple seasons, we were Kickness Everdeen.  The lead.  The protagonist. Angsty in our youth, but undeniably talented.

Next, in a shortened season: Effie Trinkick.  Beautiful.  Modern.  As much about style as results.

Now, it’s time for glory: Haypitch Abernathy.  Drunk, stubborn, loud.  I plan on calling everyone “dear” and drinking from a flask the entire season.  We may not remember a single game.

What’s next after that, huh?  Caesar Kickerman, maybe?  That would be cool.

Why not Three-Peeta as a tribute to our 3-peat, or maybe Four-Peeta if we take it again this time?  Easy answer: because Peeta sucks, idiot. 


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