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Thursday, January 21, 2016

5hit Circus - TX Live

Listen up Capital Division, there’s a new speed bump in town, and the road to Vegas goes through us. We came here to do two things: Drink Beer, and F*** 5hit up. And it looks like...well, we actually still have plenty of beer.

Introducing the 5hit line-up

Warren "Cold Cut" Ogle - Captain
Peter "G-Ham" Graham - Co-Captain
Ninad "The Brown Bomber" Pandit - Co-Captain
Daniel "The Pain" Hain - Co-Captain
Jessica "Wish You Would" Hemming
Vanessa "The Professa" Nicole
Tessa "T-Money" Miller
Carter "The Marauder" Kaough
Amy "Deathbringer" Slotin
Kia "Straight Outta Compton" Conwell
Erin "Say It To My Face" Walters
Matt "Hardcore" Helms
Josh "Tar Heel" Hudson
Naaman "The Man" Severson
Amanda "Too Real" Richards

So for anyone that thinks they're just going to run us over:

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