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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

At Least We're Having Fun - TX Live

Some may think that At Least We're Having Fun is a newish team, only 2 seasons old... but the truth is, the team has been a part of American History from the beginning. 

The American Revolution - One of the lesser known battles of the American Revolution was the battle between the Freedom Loving soon to be Americans - Haveth Fun At Least We Areth and the oppressive British team - The Bunting British.
The game was a close one, but James Madison and George Washington kicked the winning home run to beat out King James and Benedict Arnold. 

The Battle of San Jacinto - Sam Houston threw the ball from 3rd base to 1st base in the Battle for the Bayou and prevented Santa Ana from tying the game on a wild west double play. We actually got to keep El Paso because the team won the bar games after the match. 

Just the first glimpse of how At Least We're Having Fun has shaped American history through kickball. 

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