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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Alcaballic Rex - TX Live

Oh hi there.
Alcaballic Rex here.  We've had so much fun this season that apparently its really hard to describe.

"Chronicle our adventures this season?  WTF?!  We can't even."  I would attribute that quote to someone on my team, but I made it up.

We got down.  We partied.  Some of us were in a karaoke room for 3 hours on a Sunday afternoon singing our faces off to celebrate a teammate's birthday.  That's just what we do.

But after the shenanigans, the games, the costumes, the friends, and the impromptu dance parties in the outfield, what's really left?  What has this season really been about?

The fact that I haven't tripped and gotten a good solid mouthful of ground on the way to first base even once this season, that's what. 

NOT EVEN ONCE.  #KevinDidntFeelLikeAnIdiotForAnEntireSeason

And now, a puppy catching a ball:

Its two whole weeks until next season.  Come by the Alcaballics game so I can high five the crap out of all of you to tide you over.

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