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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Alcaballics Rex

That rain, tho... I don't know if all of you played spring season, but over here we are seriously hoping El Niño doesn't rear its soggy head again. Unfortunately the sloppy vs. sloppy game of us playing the Punts didn't happen, but we are looking forward to one ridiculous end of the season make up. 

But on a real tip... Can we take a moment to address the lack luster attendance at The Park this season? What do you all have to work on Friday morning? WELL GROW UP. So do we. And we still go hard. We have a preschool teacher on the Alcaballics Rex who is molding the youngest minds of tomorrow's leaders and she still gets her ass to the bar every week and is quite arguably the drunkest person there (I'm looking at you, Rachel!) So in short, be there or be laaaaaame. 

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