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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Large Hardon Collider

This is getting painful. Does anybody write these things anymore? Or maybe a better question: Is anybody even reading these things?

I will now pretend that no one is listening and proceed to ignorantly ramble on while uncaringly exercising my right to free-association.

I miss the Relax trash-talking posts.

I miss posts of Stephen reminiscing about dinosaurs, Legos, and a better, less-complicated time known as the 90s.

I miss the for-some-stupid-reason-retired, brown WAKA color.

I miss Crystal Pepsi because it was soooo crisp…

and that Orbitz drink because why WOULDN’T I need semi-edible balls floating around in my drink?

Caption font: Can you imagine the fucking insane cocktails we could make with that now?!

I miss watching Gummi Bears and having it be socially acceptable to eat Totino’s Pizza Rolls.


Totino’s fo lyfe.

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