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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

P.E. Credit - TX Republic


Where My Pitches At, we’re sorry. We didn’t want to make an example of you, but every season there is bound to be some collateral damage, especially when a league rep I’d prefer to leave unnamed  (I’m talking about Harris) goes rogue and decides to mistake a good natured fun loving team for a doormat and move them to the bottom of the rankings that I know we all take incredibly seriously.

PE Credit realized we were having a blast every week but we wanted to expand our horizons beyond just our team and decided a league hashtag might be an easy way. We wanted it to be poignant and simple. We settled on #SuckitHarris.

If you’re hitting a happy hour before games on Wednesdays, out and seeing if any other kickballers are too, or just want to share something with the rest of us make sure to tack on #SuckItHarris. We’ll keep our eyes peeled.

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